2021-2022 Pay As You Play Tournaments

Northeast NSA sanctioned Pay As You Play Tournaments are a little bit different than our regular tournaments in that each team pays for umpires on the field in cash before the game begins. The entry fees are significantly reduced to account for the fact that the teams will pay the umpires. Any team requiring a receipt for umpire fees can request one from the NSA staff member at the complex where the games are played.

How Does It Work?

EXAMPLE: If a team pays an entry fee of $325 for a 4 game guarantee tournament teams and then plays the minimum 4 games (that is, teams that do not advance beyond the first round of the elimination bracket on Sunday) they will incur $200 in umpire fees ($150 for 3 pool games and $50 for their first elimination game). This cost added to the entry fee of $325 equals $525. For teams that advance beyond their first game, total umpire fees will be higher ($50 for each additional game). The host always pays the umpire fees for all championship games. This total cost is very competitive for tournaments that offer two umpires for every game -- both during pool play and elimination play -- for all age divisions. In the rare event we have to use only one umpire for a game due to umpire availability, teams will split the $60 fee in half and each only pay $30 for each game they only get one umpire.

What About Forfeits?

Any team that plays in NSA tournaments already knows we do not look kindly on forfeits. Not only does it disrupt the tournament, it is unfair to your opponent. We do track teams that forfeit games and we ALWAYS take that into consideration before accepting that team in ANY future NSA sanctioned tournament. That said, if you forfeit a game your opponent will still have to pay the $50 umpire fee for that game and they will get the win. The forfeiting team must pay the umpire fee of $50 for that game and takes a loss. For teams that forfeit and simply do not show up, the host will pay the forfeiting team's $50 umpire fee for that game and you will be removed from the tournament unless you have made arrangements ahead of time with the tournament host (in which case we probably would have already tried to reschedule the game to avoid the forfeit in the first place). No show forfeiting teams that are allowed to remain in the tournament because previous arrangements have been made will have to pay a forfeit fee of $100 to the host (to reimburse the host for the paid umpire fee plus reimburse their scheduled opponent). If no fee is paid or arrangements are not made, you will not be allowed to play any more games in that tournament. This is necessary so that your scheduled opponents do not have to pay umpires for any more forfeited games. The umpires will be cancelled for your remaining games.

Why The Change?

There are several reasons why we are making this change. First, it makes it easier for us to make sure every umpire is paid for every game they work without us having to track them down at various locations. Wherever they are, they get paid for the games they work at the start of the game. We have seen this system work well in other areas of the country as a more equitable way to split the costs of umpires at tournaments -- umpires are the single largest expense at a tournament and under this system the teams that play more games incur more of the cost of the tournament. In addition, it allows teams significantly more time to get their funds in order as they do not have to pay the money for umpires upfront and simply need to bring the cash for the umpires with them to the tournament -- giving them an extra month or more to collect funds or raise money for tournaments. Additionally, if games are rained out teams save the money they would have paid to the umpires instead of the host keeping the unused umpire fees.

What Do We Do Differently?

Basically, everything is done the same up until game time. You register for tournaments through our website, www.northeastnsa.com. You send in your deposit within two weeks and the balance by the deadline. Now here is where it changes. You must bring $50 cash to each game and give it to the umpires. That's it. Then the game is played as it always is.

We welcome your feedback about this type of payment system for our tournaments -- suggestions, positive comments, and constructive criticism are always welcome. We have used this system since the Fall 2010 tournaments and it has worked out very well.

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