In Memory of Mike

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My condolences to all of Michaels family i know all to well what it is like to loose a father first hand at a young age, its tough but just pray and think about all the good times you all had i read all the messages everyone left sound like a very loved human keep his spirit alive ,, he is in a better place then this world we now live in.
Brian Marshall

formally from dracut (lakeview ave) <> mahomet, il -

i love you daddy and i cant believe we've all made it two years with out your guidence, and grace... some are doing better than others but i still love you and i think about you every day and every moment of my life... its always there in the back of my mind, your voice and words of wisedom wispering to me the right things to do, i resent myself for not always following them, somethings it was just hard to hear.... further more i love you and miss you, and dont worry your legacy will live on through us.. we are the everlasting embodiment of lessons taught be a great and wise man
erin daly

dracut jaguars <> dracut , mass -

I can't believe its been two years already-we think about you everyday Michael and our hearts are still heavy with the pain and heartache without you. So today Erin,Katrina and I gathered to reminisce about all the happy times we shared over the years, to remember all the fun we had, and all the treasured memories you gave us---and we grateful to you for all of that and we wonder if we will ever feel whole again without you-so today November 25th ,2003 we wish for peace for you and pray that you are still watching over us --- guiding and protecting us with your strengh we always admired.We love and miss you so much it hurts, All our Love and tender wishes...Kathy, Erin, and Katrina

<> -

I don't think there is a day that goes by that I do not miss Michael more and more. It is almost two years and my heart is still with you. I love you! Gini
Gini Daly

Sister <> Lowell, MA -

Mike, its almost been 2 years and I still cannot believe you are gone. I miss you more now than ever. God Speed! Denise

Mikes' sister <> Barre, VT -

The girls are in another season without you-and you are missed so much! They play the game for you and remember all that you have taught them -your words of encouragement and contagious smile are in all of our memories. So today, July 15th 2003-we wish you a peace and send our love to you on your 50th birthday! We know you are our angel in the outfield ! Blessed be!

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I would like to send my condolences to the daly family on behalf of our program. i had the pleasure of coaching against Mike and his great Jaguar teams over the years. WE WILL DEDICATE OUR SEASON IN HIS HONOR.
butch salmi

fredom 14 <> leominster, ma -

I want to thank the Northeast NSA for creating this guestbook for Mike Daly and allowing friends and family to share their thoughts and feelings. There isn't a day that goes by that I do not think of Michael and miss him. You know the saying... YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE UNTIL IT'S GONE... Well, that's how I feel about Michael. He was a wonderful father to our children Mike, Michelle and Erin, instilling his values and love of life. His drive and dedication to coaching softball for our girls and others was unprecedented. I know he's an ANGEL IN THE OUTFIELD, watching over the Dracut Jaguars as we hit a fly ball in right field and the opposing team caught the ball, but then it appeared that Mike picked the ball up, out of the glove and threw it on the ground saying "Not this time" and the Jags went on to win the National Championship, undefeated! A dream he had for our girls and their hard work had finally become reality. When reading his guestbook, it's obvious to me that he made a life long impression on everyone he met and coached throughout the years. We have all suffered a great loss, but at the same time, haven't we been fortunate to have known and learned and loved Michael. I know I have. I'm sure he has a team up in heaven. But, is he coaching or playing? God Bless You.
Karen Daly-Rossi

<> Concord, Ma -

We are all fortunate to have known Michael-every meeting left a lasting impression on each of us. His presence was felt where ever he was-his personality filled the air! I always admired his amazing ability to teach the girls-he made them believe in themselves-that they were capable of doing anything. His favorite phrase for himself was "I'll make it happen"- and so he passed that strength of character onto others-that positive force. He was so passionate about softball through all the years we spent together-he'd do anything for anybody when it came to the girls and softball. He was so intense about it-"driven" is a word that would capture him. He had a gift to rise to the challenges and he gave it all to you.He loved you all and was thrilled to show you all the success that you could have, he loved it when he could travel with you, he loved to show you a "fun" time, as he was known to be the "Captain of Fun"-he had the gift to live life everyday to its fullest-he taught us all well.So DREAM-STRIVE-CHALLENGE YOURSELF-DARE-FIND YOUR INNER STRENGTH----"MAKE IT HAPPEN" and always be grateful for the moments in your life spent with Michael!!I will never personally be the same without him, as he was the love of my life and when he left, he took a part of me-my heart with him.To Mike, Michelle, and Erin-I will always be there for you as long as I live to support and guide you.My last thought for each of you -he will nvever be further away than your thoughts and with each heartbeat.WHEN SOMEONE YOU LOVE BECOMES A MEMORY, THE MEMORY BECOMES A TREASURE!!!! Michael-we miss you every day-love, Kathy, Ronnie and Katrina and Shamrock
Kathy Gagan

The" Daly Family "Team <> Lowell, Ma -

Uncle Mike; We miss you very much, We miss your smile and your laugh. Mostly we miss sitting on your lap. You will remain forever in our hearts. Jewels N David
Julia & David Daly

<> Plymouth, Mass -

Well Mikey and you girls what can I say? We could not have gone 8-0 and become National Champs without your help Mike. It was so different this year without you there and with me coaching the girls it was totally different not having you there with your thoughts about that game and all your smarts about the game. We dedicated our season to you and we did it Mikey we did it ALL for you! We love you and this goes to show "Can't catch a Jaguar." You are always with us and I want you to know I think of you everyday. To the girls Congratulations and as Mikey would say "Time to Party!!!" - Love and Miss you. Alison
Alison Notini

Dracut Jaguars <> Dracut, MA -

Congratulations to the 2002 NSA Class A East World Series Champions! Mike would be proud!
Cheryl Collins

NSA Mass. <> Lowell, MA -

Mike Daly: The Rocket Man

Our hearts are broke
and full of sorrow
but for all that we lost
we will be stronger tomorrow.

Mike was a father, a brother,
a husband and a true friend
no one ever thought
how quickly life would end.

Mike was a dreamer,
a lover and a coach
In whatever he did
he used his own approach.

He raised three wonderful children
Mike, Michelle and Erin,
now he will sit back
and watch them from heaven.

He taught them well,
how to live and be strong
together you three
will have to live on.

He dreamed of the Islands
relax and be free
I hope you come down
and visit with me.

A team called the Jaguars
he was the head coach
we play the game hard
he often would boast
can't catch a jaguar
so the saying goes
Mike kept all the runners
up on their toes.

Life is much harder
than the games we play
a lesson we learned
when God took you away.

I made Mike a promise
his family would be fine
but save me a spot
I'll reach Heaven sometime.

He opened his eyes
raised up his hand
yelled out to us all

God bless you and love you
and keep you three close,
In the name of the father,
the Son and the Holy Ghost.

-Mikey I will miss you by my side coaching with me and will never forget all our good times together-

Artie Notini
Head coach with Mike of the Jags! Dracut, MA -
I wasn't ever fortunate enough to meet Mike Daly but everything I have ever heard about him was always how wonderful he was as a coach and a person. I am just starting out as a coach and all I can say is that I hope to become half the caoch Mike Daly was. I would like to on the behalf of the entire Worcester County Freedom organization give my condolences to the Daly family and anyone who knew Mike. Our prays are with you. Nancy LeBlanc
Nancy LeBlanc

Worcester County Freedom <> Leominster, Ma. -

My father was a great man on and off the field. He always had a solution to everything, I knew that when he was around everything would be just fine.... he's not here anymore but I can still feel him present. He is in everyone of us that he met. No matter how long the converation you had with him, he would always leave a piece of himself with you, he always had something to say. Many people can be fathers and raise children... but few know how to be a dad. He stayed with me, Mike and Michelle through thick and thin. He was always there to back us up, even when we were wrong. He was the type of guy that would tell you when you were wrong but still stand by you. And when you were right he would tell you that you were right, and stand in front of you, he would parade you into a room and tell everyone about how great you were...he knew how to make people happy... my father was a great example to us all... and he was strong, brave, smart, and party animal all at the same time. He use to tell me when I was a kid that he was superman.. and I believed him, and I still do. When we were driving in the car a few weeks before he passed on. we were listening to the song "superman" and at the end of the song I wanted to tell him that the song always reminded me of him... but I didnt, I said to myself that I would tell him later... I never did get to tell him that...but i think he knew... My father was the funniest man alive!!! he hated the town we lived in and he even made up a song about it.. it goes "I got the Concord Carlisle phycological problem, you can't talk to me, can't look at me or else I'll have to Concord Calisle phycological problems" he made this song up b/c people in my town tend to shelter their kids and not tell them the truth... my father would always say what was on his mind to people .. no matter what it was... one day he even stuck his head out of the car window and yelled out "Carlisle sucks" with all my friends in the car.. he had them all laughing histerically. What a great guy he was.... no one will ever be a !!dad!! like he was.
Erin Daly

Dracut Jaguars <airdoggie0704> Carlisle, MA -

I was the assistant coach of NWS for three years, and have moved to the state of Indiana. I was deeply saddened by the news of Mike's passing. I always enjoyed speaking to Mike. His love of the game and his kids was very evident to all of us associated with NWS. My heart goes out to his family and freinds, and all of the Northeast softball family. He will be missed.
Bill Greene

NWS Elite <> Westfield, MA -

ok~~ This is really awkward. The weirdest part will be not being able to see him durng the summer. I'm gonna miss him so much. he tauht me so much about the game, and always had high expectations for me which helped me become a better player. He hd so much heart and intensity towards the game. His life was devoted to it. He helped so any. You can tell just from this site. He will be greatly missed, but he'll be in my prayers. Erin, Mike, and Michelle... I think i speak for everyone when I say we're here foryou always. To all the Jags that spent that same, memory-filled year with me, thank YOU for everything as well.

Jaguars/drifters <> -

Mike was one of the coolest guys I have ever come across. He could make you laugh no matter what. Not only was he an incredible coach, but also a great father, friend, and coach. I feel like I have lost not only someone who has taught me so much about the game of softball, but also a great friend. Mike helped the 18u Jags place 5th in the nationals this past summer, and next summer we are going to do it for Mikey and place 1st because I know you are looking down on us from heaven, and I know how proud you will be. You will be missed every time I step out on the field, but every game I play is for you. Never forget-- CAN'T CATCH A JAGUAR !!!!

18U JAGS <> Malden, MA -

Hey all of you guys and girls... this is the first time that I saw this page dedicated to my father.. I am very happy to see that people care so much about him... He was a excellent father and I wouldn't have ever imagined that his life would be cut so short... I thank you all for caring so much and helping out in anyway you can... My father will always be in my heart and there will never be a day that goes by that I dont think about him and there will never be a time that I step on to a softball field and not be thankful for all that he taught me in the past 14 years... To everyone that knew my father, everything will get easier but I hope that everyone remembers him as a man who told you when you were wrong,... but still stood by you... and told you when you were right and he would stand in front of you, parade you into the room and boast to everyone about how great of a person you were.... He would never help those who weren't willing to help themselves. His loving daughter- Erin
Erin Marie Daly

Jaguars <> Carlisle, MA -

From the whole RI Thunder organization our deepest sympathy's goes out to Mikes family, friends and team.
Dave Lotti

RI Thunder <> Pawtucket, RI -

Even though I only played on the Jaguars for one year with you coach, it was the best softball I have ever played in my entire life. We hardly ever lost and when we did, you always had something for us to laugh about! I miss all the Jag's from the summer of 1999! Kritta, Danny, Carly, Emma, and Christine. I will always remember you!!.
Renee (Ray-Ray)

<Ratchic8> Northeast Invasion -



i neva thought i would see this day but it is here and i had sooo much fun this summer cant forget the girl in the lime green bikini in florida i had so much fun playin for the jags even though it was for a short amount of time. everyone was great and every game i play is for u mike thank u so much for helping me u did alot for me and my family i really appreciate it. thanxs so much. washington #6
danielle caron

jaguars <magicdmc> peabody, ma -

mike, i had the pleasure to get to know you over the past year and i wanted to say thank you for helping me become a better player. you tought me many things in such a short time and i wanted to thank you for that. Every game that the jaguars will play will be for you and we know that you will be there cheering us on along the way. michelle, mike and erin, your dad was a great man and i wish you all the best. you were lucky to be raised by such an acceptable man. my thoughts and prayers are with you. God acts in mysterious ways, but dont worry, mike you will be remembered and every game is for you!! cant catch a jaguar!
Emily Chaput

Jaguars 18u <> Amesbury, Ma -

He will be deeply missed
Denise Ferrari

Jaguars <> Lowell, Ma -

Mike,Michele, & Erin, What a special man your dad was to so many people. We thank you all for sharing so much of him with the softball world. He has given so much of himself to so many over the years and we are so grateful that we were a part of his softball world. He was able to give so many kids great opportunities through his love of the game. I think his most important lesson was always to have fun. He was able to teach all the parts of the game but he always wanted it to be fun. It should always be fun. It's a game and Mike knew that. He "played" hard. Thanks to you all for more than you'll ever know. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you always! God Bless. JoAnn McNary
JoAnn McNary

Norton, MA -

Mike Daly had coached with my dad Dave Crear for about 2 years when me and michelle were about 14 and 15. he put together the mass xplosion team. he was a great guy and was always willing to have fun. the few times i slept over there home he always wanted us to do something fun whether it be riding the go carts or going swimming, jumping on the trampoline. one of the funnest times we had with him is when we went to tennesee for a tournament and just drove right up to chicago illinois where he took us all to six flags. we all had a ball with mike and he will always be in my heart. im sorry this had to happen to him he was a great person and a great dad!!
Missy Crear

Mass Xplosion <> Billerica, Ma -

Mike~ i only played with you for one summer, but that summer was one of the best i ever had. You were a great coach, and i learned a lot from you. You always made everyone laugh, and always had the best attitude tword the game. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Teaching me how to run, bat, throw...everything.You were even the one who gave me my nickname "Taz". That will stay with me forever. I'll miss you so much coach. Everytime i play a softball game now, its for you. I'll make sure i win it too. I love you Mikey Mullett, your in my heart forever. Rest in Peace. You are the true Rocket Man. ~*~love Tara(Taz)~*~ #9
Tara DeMontier #9 (Taz)

*Jaguars* <> Amesbury, Ma -

Mike...... what can i say.. you have done so much for my mom , brother and myself. You have taken us so many places and we have shared so may good times together... your favorite show was BOY MEETS WORLD.... "when did cory and tapanga get back together" you said..Even i used to be on you team back in 91 and 92 you taught me a lot and i will remember it forever... You will be in my heart and mind forever.. Mike Michelle and Erin dont forget all those good times we had !!! LOve you guys!!!!!!

The Heros and the Braves... old school teams <> Lowell, Ma -


The Heros and the Braves... old school teams <> Lowell, Ma -

Coach daly, i dont know where to begin, you were a great person and always brought the best out in everyone. I will never forget those two sayings that u were constantly saying to me on the pratice feild and on the game feild, shorten your stride and keep ur hands up. because u worked with me day after day at my hitting i have become so much better, every time i step up to the plate i say to myself those two things. I really enjoyed playing for u and artie on the jaguars. you will be missed by everyone. RIP COACH And to erin,michelle, and mike your dad was an awesome guy, i know you all will make it through this, stay strong.
Katie #10

<> Burlington , ma -

Mike Daly found me on the sandlot at a practice with my local rec team (probably as worse as it can get). I will never forget the day he walked up to me and asked if I would like to play on a travel team that travels as far as Florida and beyond. I was about 12 and playing baseball up till then, I didn’t know there were travel teams and by the way it was looking, I was doubting myself on leaving the baseball (Rec softball was very sad), I couldn't believe what I was hearing my first year playing softball. I am about 16 now and I played with Mike and Artie and I wouldn’t give it up for anything! Mike taught me so much and believed in me just by watching me at a practice. I pray for you Mike Daly and your missed greatly. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for you and Artie taking me onto your team. I MISS THOSE DAYS..AND THE JAGUARS!!
Sarah Wilson

<> Lowell, Ma -

To Mike Jr, Michelle, and Erin: I want you to know how highly I thought of your father. The countless laughs I shared with your father will always be treasured. In the summer of 2000, I spent a terrific summer keeping the scorebook for the Jaguars. Listening to the banter between Artie, Kenny, the Bunt Doctor and Mike often had me wondering if I was at the Comedy Club instead of a softball game. Mike taught Laura so much about softball, he showed confidence in her, worked with her to make her a better hitter, and was always nice to her. For that, I will always be grateful. I know how much be loved his kids and how proud he was to be their father. Mike and I often talked about Mike Jr since my son Bobby is the same age. Of course, he loved talking about Michelle and Erin. The pride he had in running a good softball program rubbed off on the kids and made them better players. Winning the NSA state championship that year made me happy, but I will admit I never expected it when the season started. I will always remember your father and wish you three nothing but the best in your future.
Dick Walsh

Mass Destruction <> Dracut, Ma -

On behalf of all the players, coaches and family's of the Mass Invasion we would like to offer our deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers to Mike Daly's family and friends. We have had the privledge of playing against and with Mike teams the past couple of summers and on every occasion Mike's teams were well prepared and enjoyed themselves while playing, which is always a testament to the fine dedication by the coach and his staff. Mike will be sorely missed ! We wish his family the very best. Also our condolences to all the players , parents and friends that Mike"s life touched.
John Fumicello

MASS INVASION 14U <> Brockton, MA -

Mike...Erin, Michelle, and Mike Jr. As a Family we cannot even begin to express how deeply saddened we are by such a great loss.But as we grieve . another emotion of happiness and laughter are brought to our faces wnen We remember our Freind and Coach..Mike the "# 8 PLAY" Daley.We have shared Laughs,Wins Defeats and Disagreements, but in the end we know what a good Person and Coach We will miss so much.Katie will never forget all the indoor practices Mike Taped her legs together to help her become a better hitter.If Katie were to eat one more Turkey Sandwich or another piece of Fruit she was either going to quit or sneak some Nachos and Cheese into her bat bag.We were always PROUD to Run with the JAGUARS. We were even prouder to have known and learned from our Friend and Coach Mike Daley....
The Iannuzzi's...Kenny,Marybeth,Katie,Ken Jr, and Nat

Mass Destruction <Xken1@aol> Burlington, Ma -

Never in mylife would i think i would be sitting at my computer today writing this letter to you. Coach i have only known you for a short period of time, but in that time i have gotten the experience to knowing one of the most incredible men i have ever met.. i will miss you, no words can express what im feeling right now.. theres no one else like you around. i thank you everyday for bringin erin into the world..and i also thank you for puttin up with us at practise all those times we were in goofy moods!!! and also thank you for all the valuable lesson's you have taught me. the jags could never forget you!! i will play every game with the intensity, and desire.. just like you coached. im playin for you now!!! i will never forget the summer of mylife.. 2001. keep a place for me up there, we will meet again i promise! (to the family- im sorry guys!! anything you need just ask) keep smiling coach, and keep the curly mullet under control! ~~11-25-01~~ can't catcha JAGUAR!!!
Ashley Waters #3 (creedence)

Jaguars <> amesbury, ma -

My thoughts and Prayers are with this family.
Corey Reid

California Rock-N-Fire <> Modesto , Ca -

Mike lives on in our hearts every day. He coarse humor and intelligent wit still have me in stiches everytime I think of him. He was a good father to his children (even if at times they didn't realize it :-)). He sacrificed much for them and in so doing helped many others as well along their softball Journey as well. Your Journey was most certainly a Great One Mike. God Bless you and comfort you whereever you may be and God Bless and comfort your children in this time of sadness.
Gene Penszynski

18U Jaguars <> Carlisle, Ma. -

Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of a great softball contibutor, but more important a great father and person. What he brought to the game will be missed. What will be missed more is what he brought to all of us off the field. He had a great way of making all of us get through difficult situations such as a tropical storm when we should have been on the field. He will always be in our thoughts God Bless
Joe McGovern

NWS Elite <> Westfield, Ma -

Our deepest sympathies and best wishes go out to the family and friends of Coach Daly.
Tim Jeavons

Capitaland Crush <> Albany, NY -

Mike it was a pleasure to really get to know my daughters last year of travel ball. You were truly one of the most giving people i have ever met and I will always treasure the good times we had as "teamates" although for such a short time. My deepest sympathy goes out to your family-Mike, Michelle, and Erin-your father was very proud of you and I know he will be watching down to help you whenever you need him. Mike you will be missed by all
Jim Massey

<> Northbridge, Ma -

Sorry to hear about a gentleman and a coach that gives his time to the girls and a great sport, his memories will last forever.
Matthew Giardino

Orange County Athletics <> Huntington Beach, Ca. -

I have only had Mike as a coach for one year, but knew him for a while. Mike was a great coach, but also a great friend. He has a great sense of humor and always made me laugh. I will miss mike deeply and will always carry him in my thoughts and in my heart. Thanks for everything Mike and keep and eye out for me! I enjoyed playing for you and now may you rest in peace!!! my greatest sympathy to Michelle, Erin, and Mike, and the rest of the Daly family...stay strong!!!
Kara Massey

Jaguars <> Northbridge, Ma -

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends at this time.

California Rebels (Amie) <> Fullerton, CA -

Hey Mr.Daly, I will miss u very much outplaying agianst you on the softball field. You were a great coach and friend. I will always remember when i was on your team and you said ," Emmy Lou Stop eatin those hotdogs" it was so funny! Well i all of our thoughs are with you and i know your playing some softball game with Mr.Kelly in heaven so good luck hope you win!....

Drifterz ..former Jag <Drifter4eva12 > Norton, Ma -

The softball world lost a dear friend to the game. We will miss seeing you at our tournaments coaching with Artie. Our hearts go out to your family and friends, and to all your softball players
Carol Clinton

Bad Apples <> Binghamton, NY -

All of us at California Hot Styx offer our deepest condolences to Mike's immediate family as well as his softball family. You all know that he's busy now recruiting a softball team in heaven...
Rex Roden

California Hot Styx Softball <> Sacramento, CA -

We offer our deepest condolences to the Daly family, friends and players. I did not know Mike personally, but as A coach myself I know his knowledge,dedication to the sport and and his commitment working with the youth in the community will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with you.
Charlie Allen

Silver Sluggers / 16 U <> South Paris, Maine -

On behalf of the Franklin Thunder & Lightning program, I would like to pass along our condolences to Mike’s family and the Dracut Jaguars team. Over the past few years, our team competed with the Dracut Jaguars on a number of occasions. Before each game I would let our team know they’d better be ready to play, because the Jaguars certainly would be. However, I didn’t have to belabor the point, because the girls were already aware any game against the Jaguars was an important one. One couldn’t help but be impressed with the teams’ aggressiveness and confidence, which was a direct reflection of their coach. His dedication and energy were second to none.
Michael A. Bohac

Franklin Thunder <> Franklin, MA -

My sincerest condolences for the family, friends and teammates of Mike Daly. Although I did not have the privilege to know him personally I had the utmost respect for his dedication toward the game we all love to play and watch. In his passing an influential piece of our summer community is gone but not forgotten. His legacy will be our continued enjoyment of outstanding softball played by young ladies who have been exposed to a level of play they may never have experienced without his involvement. Thanks for the game Mike. John Boyle Immediate Past Director Thunder & Lightning Girls Fastpitch Franklin,MA
John Boyle

Franklin Thunder & Lightning <> Franklin, MA -

Mike, Michelle & E.... Thank you for sharing your father with Kritta and I. We both learned so much from him in the short time we shared together. I will think of him as a mentor, wise counsel, teammate & respected opponent. I will think of Mike as a friend...
Chuck Bettencourt

Lowell Jaguars/ Mass Drifters <> -

Thank God we had the chance to know Mike Daly. He took softball to a whole other level. His passion for the sport and for life itself is something I will always remember about a man who meant so much to his children his friends, and really everybody who was around him. Our daughter Sarah loved Mike. He was a great coach, I think he is the best coach I have ever known. Thanks Mike for the chance to walk down the softball road with you. It's been an honor. All you have done to help Sarah to reach new heights with her game is greatly appreciated.Onward to bigger and better things for you Mike. My husband Joe respected you and your knowledge of the game. He said, Mike expected great things from people. He did great things in this life. Now, I know God has great things for you.Mary Ann Hallahan
Mary Ann Hallahan

Dracut Jaguars 18U <> Malden, MA -

At times like this, it's hard to find the right thing to say.Mike, Michelle and Erin, please know that I'm praying for you ... please know how much I care. You've lost someone who held a special place in YOUR heart and in your life. Although I can't truly experience the sadness you guys are going through, may the MEMORIES of your father bring you peace and reassure you that LOVE endures forever !!!!! With Sympathy
Carol Dudney

PSALM 23:1-3

Carol Dudney


I was not fortunate enough to have personally met Mike but have had the opportunity to watch his teams play and to watch his talented daughters compete on the field. I am saddened to hear of Mike's untimely death and offer the prayers and condolences of the entire softball community in Stoneham to Mike's family and friends.
Steve Needham

Stoneham Youth Softball Association <> Stoneham, MA -

I first met Mike last summer in Vernon Ct. Prior to our meeting on the field I watched a game to scout the players and was immediately impressed with Mike's ability to be both coach and be a friend to the players. He was doing soft toss for the girls and had each of them laughing and swinging and having a great time while teaching each of them something at the same time. I thought what a great combination of being able to instruct the players and have them also feel totally comfortable and at ease at the same time. They were truely his friends before they were his players. I decided to try to emulete his relationship with his players and bring the same energy to my team. Mike taught me a valuable lesson even before our meeting each other. As I remember the Jaguars beat us that day and his whole team greeted us and had kind words for us after our defeat. It was a sign of Mike's influence on his players. Mike was a class individual and his team followed his lead. To all of Mike's family and friends and players I offer my deepest condolances. The Western Mass Bobkatz.
Jeff Neece

Western Mass Bobkatz <> Westfield, Ma. -

We had the privilege of playing or watching Mike's teams a couple of times during the past few seasons. It was clear to us, after losing, that Mike's teams were well coached, disciplined and always showed a sense of purpose. Even more importantly it was evident that his girls were having fun while playing the game that we all love. I knew Mike as a very competitive, tough-hard nosed coach who always made it extremely tough for the opposition, but isn't that true of all the best coaches. With fondest memories - The Connecticut Shock
Art Vachon


I would just like to let everyone know how much of a wonderful man Mike was. He helped me so many times when i was having trouble with the game and was so patient and caring. He always made us laugh. I will miss Mike and i give by best wishes to Mike,Michelle,and Erin. May they have the same spirit in them as their father did.
Megan Pascoe

Dracut Jaguars <> Dracut, MA -

My teams have competed against Mike's for several years. I also got to know Mike personally, and always was impressed with his great love of the game. Mike was such a knowledgeable coach that you had better be at your best or Mike would get the better of you, and he often did. A memory that sticks in my mind about Mike, is one of him driving into the parking lot, between games during the state tournament in Swansea a couple of years ago. His car was full of players and they , including Mike were singing along, at the top of their lungs with the song on the radio, just having a great time.I'll keep that memory.
Brian Fleming

North Middlesex Fire <> Townsend, Ma -

It's always sad to see someone leave us that cares for more than just themselves. I am sure he will win in his next life because of the efforts he has given for others. The Dracut organization is, and has been, highly regarded by us for not only their level of play but for the character of the teams. This comes from good coaching and obviously Mike was a big part of that... He will be in our prayers. God Bless
John Glynn

Connecticut Charmers <> -

My sincerest sympathys go out to Mike's family. I had the privilidge to coach against Mike the last couple years and the level of play his girls brought to the field made my players better. Teams like his take more than just talent, they take a dedicated coaches like Mike. We will all feel his loss. God Bless
Dan Bilek

Shamrocks <> Fitchburg, MA -

Wuts up mike? I dont know where to start. I have only known you for a year but it seems like forever buddy. Ever since i have been on the Jaguars team you have taught me so much. Everyday i was with you i learned more and more about softball. Thanx to you i am a "Slapper" now! =)You were a great coach, an awesome person, and had THE BEST MULLET EVER! You will forever be in my prayers and will always be on my mind when i am playing softball. I dedicate all and the rest of my softball games to you "Coach". I never got a chance to say goodbye but i will miss you sooooo much! I love you and thanx for everything! =) YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.
Lia Dulkis #7

former Jaguars <> Peabody, Ma -

On behalf of the entire Connecticut Hornets organization are thoughts and prayers are with the Daly family and thier friends.We as members of the softball community will miss Mike as well, we thank him for all his heart felt efforts and will always hold a place in our hearts for he and his family. God Bless the Daly family.
Don Justus

Connecticut Hornets <> Branford, CT -

Erin, Michelle and Mike; my heart goes out to you all. Your father was such a wonderful person and has touched so many peoples lives. He will always be remembered as a loving coach, father, friend and person. It's hard to understand why such an awesome person is taken from us like this but everything happens for a reason and we cant forget all of the good things he did in his life. Erin babe, im always here if you need me, we all are here for you. We love you so much dont ever forget that. RIP Mike you are loved and missed by many and we can never forget all of the things you have tought us. you will be missed so much that words cant even describe. <3 Beth <3
Beth Regan

<> Lowell , MA -

Mullet you gave a new meaning to softball for me. When i first came to the team I didnt know you at all but soon enough we came very close. I felt you and I clicked a certain way that me and no other adult have ever done. I thank you for EVERYTHING you taught me and I miss you so much.. it wont be the same without you but Im going to do my best to succed at softbal and dedicate my whole career to you. Thanks for all the memories my "curly mullet" and oh yeah the lady in the "lime green bathing suit" says HI I love you Mike and I will NEVER ever forget you I love you so much thanks for everything I'll see you again someday (promise me a good game of catch!?) Good bye for now even though your wonderful spirit forever lives on Love always and forever Alyson (the Dancer) #21
Alyson Gibbons

Jaguars <> Pelham, N.H. -

Our prayers are with Mikes family and all who had a chance to know him best on the Jaguars. Keep your heads up girls and always remember the good times.
Jenny Sperounis & Nicole Bulloch

former Jaguars Dracut, MA -

I never knew Mike Daly. My friend, Danielle Collins, on the other hand relayed many a story to me after practice and/or games etc. A coach is more than someone that provides you with knowledge, but also teaches you how to live. Whether one may notice it or not, Mike taught his girls all that he knew and in doing that expressed his love and passion for the girls and the game. For someone to live their life doing something that they love, is absolutely the most you can wish for for someone as dear as Mr. Daly. Danielle has expressed to me how much of a wonderful man Mr. Daly was, and I'm sure that he will watch over the Jags, coaching them, teaching them and loving them. And the Jaguars will play each game for him, using all he taught them and striving to succeed not only for themselves. Much love to the Daly family and the Dracut Jaguars.
Whitney Kelly

N/A (friend of a Dracut Jaguar) <> Andover, MA -

I will never forget Mike and all that he has taught me. After having him as a coach I knew that he thought of us more then just his players, but he treated each of us like we were his own daughters. I will forever remember the time and dedication he displayed on the field and his wonderful sense of humor off the field. Mike was loved and will be dearly missed by all who knew him.
Erin Lunn

Jaguars <> Newburyport, MA -

Mikey, What can I say? You were my coach for the past 8 years or so and I couldn't have done it without you. We had our share of ups and downs, but in the end the Jaguars always came out on top! You pushed us more and more each year to do our best and we made you proud ~ 5th place in the Nation couldn't have been done without you by our side every step of the way. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to play with Michelle who I believe is the best person in the world and for letting me know Mike and pain in the butt Erin whom I love. Thanks again for everything and you will ALWAYS be with me in heart, mind and soul. I love you always mikey - thanks again for all you have done. Rest in Peace me friend and my coach.
Allison Notini

Jaguars <> Dracut, MA -

mike, i will never forget you or the memories with the jaguars. u made me the player i am today. and i want to thank you for putting in all ur time with us and making us a fifth place national team!!!!! you know this season is going to be all for you and i know that youll still be at every game helping us through. im sorry your gone, but God does only take the BEST and thats where you belong. I LOVE YOU AND I WILL MISS YOU.
Katelynn McGrath

juguars 18-u <> hudson, nh -

Mike...I don't know where to start. Thank you so much for everything that you have ever taught me! I will carry it with me forever! Softball is never going to be the same without you there beside me telling me what to do. You have done so much for me in the past 5 years and i am going to MISS you so much! i never got the chance to tell you i love ya and THANK YOU for everything! Watch over me and keep me safe,I'll see you again someday, don't you worry! ~*DANIELLE NOTINI*~
Danielle Notini

JAGUARS <> Dracut, MA -

Mike taught us all so much, both on and off the field. We may not have given him the easiest time, but he never gave up on us. The games we play are all for him. As Mike would say, "I need a little extra here." He was a great coach and will always be remembered.

Jaguars -

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike Daly and his family. May he rest in peace. He will not be forgotten.
Rachel Santillo

Dracut Panthers <> Wayland, MA -

**God saw you were getting tired, and a cure was not to be. So he put his arms around you and whispered "come to me". With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearley we couldn't make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us that he only takes the best** RIP 11.25.01 ~In my heart and on my mind forever~

Jags <> Lowell, MA -

Mike, you will always be in my prayers. I was priviledged enough to play with you for a short time over the summer. You taught me so much! I will never forget you and what you have done for my family! Mike, Michelle, and Erin -- everything will work out. Keep your heads up!
Erin Collins

<> Lowell, MA -


JAGUARS~!! <> lowell, ma -

Mikey...I'm going to miss you so much. I'm really sorry that I never got a chance to say thank you...but thank you so much for everything that you have ever done for me. Everything you do was for others...thats so great. Im gonna miss you so much mikey. Softball is going to be totally different now...but I know we're gonna make it thru. Watch over us,you'll never miss a game! Every game is for you mikey... Erin Michelle and Mike- You guys have so many people who love you so much, everyone is rooting for you. Stay strong...Love you guys!
Danielle Collins

Jaguars <> Lowell, MA -

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Daly family.